Family ties. . . an adoption story

My Aunt Janet. . .
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Another link in the chain.


Well, I called my sister, Patty, and asked her about Aunt Janet. She is my dads' sister. Patty gave me the phone number of how to reach her. I called the morning of July 23rd and left her a message, explaining who I was.
Low and behold!, I arrived home from class and at 8:10 PM, the phone rang and it was her!

So, I will be meeting my aunt this Sunday, July 29th, a day after my birthday. What a birthday present! God is so good.

I had wrote my Uncle Fred a letter and mailed it about 2 weeks before the 4th of July, asked Uncle Fred to meet me, but I never heard back. I can understand. After 36 years a woman comes along and says "Hi! I'm your long lost neice." They are about the only relatives that I know of my fathers' that are still alive. I will get the scoop on Sunday. I am just blessed my Aunt Janet wants to meet me.